If this is your first time in underwater caverns?, or just your first time diving with Happy Manta Cenote Diving, you’re likely to have questions.

Here are answers to questions we get asked most often. Cenote diving is easy, safe, and enjoyable. All our guides are committed to giving you the best experience ever diving in cenotes. The most important thing to remember is to just relax, listen to your guide’s briefing and enjoy your dive. Trust us, you’ll have a blast!!

If you have any questions of your own, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US.

I’m a beginner diver without a great experience, am I able to dive in cenotes?
Yes, as far as you are a certified diver with Open Water Diver level you are allowed to dive in cenotes. Keep in mind that there are many cenotes in the area for all kind of different diving levels, from beginners to advanced divers. We'll choose a cenote with a profile according to your diving experience. You should know that our guides are very experienced and have been guiding cenote diving for ages. No worries!
What’s the water temperature in cenotes? Will I need a wetsuit?
Cenotes are mainy fresh water. Water temperature in cenotes is 25/26*C / 77/79*F year round. Yes, you'll like to wear a wetsuit. A full 3/5 mm wetsuit is recommended. We can provide dive gear + wetsuit rental if you need it.
How’s a classic cenote diving profile?
Most cenotes in the area are shallow. Average profile is max depth 14 mts / 45 ft and average dive time around 45/50 minutes depending on your air consumption. There are some deep sinkhole cenotes that we dive at a max depth of 30 mts / 100 ft but just with advanced level divers.
How far from Playa del Carmen are the cenotes located?
Most and nicest cenotes in the area are from 15 to 60 minutes away south from Playa del Carmen.
How big are the groups you take cenote diving?
We are not a big shop. We offer a personal service. We manage just 4 divers per guide/truck. If you are a bigger group no problem, of course we can take you all cenote diving but always following the 4 to 1 supervision ratio and 4 divers per truck with their personal guide.
How’s a classic schedule cenote diving day with you?
We like to take it easy, rushing isn't our style but we don't like to waste your precious vacational time neither. Specially if your family is waiting for you back at the hotel! You mark the pace and we keep it!

We'll pick you up with everything needed loaded on the truck already so we head off to the cenote right away, avoiding waste of time and diving ahead of crowds!!!

A classic cenote diving day with us is like pick up at 8:00 hs in Playa del Carmen area, get to the cenote, brieffing, 1st dive, easy surface interval with beverages and snacks, 2nd dive, disassemble/pack all gear, lunch beverages and sandwiches while chatting friendly, filling up logbooks if needed and take off back to Playa del Carmen. You'll be back around 14:00 to 15:00 hs depending on the cenote we are diving.